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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

4 in 1 European Chainmaille

After year of trying it all fell into place I can now do the traditional chain-mail.

The picture above uses m5 washers 10mm in diameter the other rings are 10mm jump rings about 1mm diameter thickness of wire.  I expect you could replace some of the washers with scales. Spray pain the washers

3cm wide x 18 cm long

70 m5 washers
100 10mm jump rings

I am thinking here make some scales out of cold porcelain 12mm rings, could use smaller jump rings to reinforce the holes say 6mm

I love this one too

3cm wide
main part 20cm long

27 8mm jump rings by 7 rows about 200 rings
(32,000 per square meter - 320 per 10 x 10cm :
10cm by 6cm purse 400 rings)

I love the lightness of this so I am thinking purses and larger sheets of "fabric" made with black an some silver rings

I first looked at 6 in 1 chainmail from Instructables before it clicked

Heres how I did it
start with one jump ring with 4 closed rings (washers) on 2 closed at the top and 2 at the botom
put two closed rings on a jump ring thread through the top and bottom closed rings
-  continue untill the length is reached rows 1,2 and 3

next row
put 2 closed rings on a jump rings thread through 1st 2 rings of last row
put 1 closed ring on a jump ring put thread through the last ring of row 5 and number 2 and 3 of row 3

Please note that the washers lie in a different direction to the jump rings.

There are plenty of other tutorials and videos on line 

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