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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Bobbin lace bolster

I made a bobbin lace bolster, I don't like running out of space.

I used
rolling pin
broken sewing machine, thread, scissors
3kg sawdust
an old cot blanket
some polycotton for the cover

25cm diameter and 35cm long

I cut 1 rectangle 84.5 by 63 and two 28cm circles (I used a large dinner plate) out of calico you could cut 4 circles from polycotton and stitck together for the ends

the same from the polycotton (if you make the piece say 100cm you could tie both ends)

I sewed right sides together and then sew one of the circles in with calico and polycotton.  Making the seam allowance smaller on the polycotton.  I put a channel on the other end of the pieces to thread cord through

I put the sawdust in the calico trying to compact as much as possible.  Hitting the cushion with the rolling pin.

Once the inner was stuffed I place one the other circle on top and drew the cord tightly .
I then wrapped a cot blanket around it and put the cover on.

I have created about 7cm of lace I find that it is harder to put pins in than polystyrene.  maybe and old camping mat might have been a good idea or some oven glove inner

it works if a little bigger than I expected

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Tolder Cat Suite - Pattern

Worked in the round or on circula needle where possible

Legs x 2
1.    Cast on 44 with 4mm needles
Continue in smaller needles
2 x 2 rib 12 rows
inc in every perl section

k2 p3 rib ( 14 rows from start)

2.    Change to 4mm needles
inc every 4 stitch every alt row
until 88 stitches

Continue until work measures 22cm

3 more cm, 9 rows, backwards and forwards to form a 3cm split

White Belly
From 31 black 18 white 31 back
1 less black every 3 rows until 12 stitches black
4 rows
1 more black every 6 rows
1 less black every other row until reaches edge
continue in white

Monday, July 3, 2017

Toddler Cat Suite - Belly design

DK Grid
As instructed I am going for a jumper and dungarees.  for age 12 to 18 months plus a bit extra. Because it is versatile.  There will be a hat and socks as well.  if I run out of colours there is always Boyes up the town.

I will be using stylecraft life yarn. for me this is best balance of quality and price.

I hope to start on this today after I have finished the socks I am knitting

Cat belly design the green is to be knitted white on both the jumper and the dungarees.

The dimensions for the pattern are from Drops

Diagram constructed using Inkscape and converted to jpg with gimp. both Opensource (free and legal no adds) programs

The diagram as a pdf, svg

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Todler Cat Suite part one

This is for my African grandson 1 in September so making it 18 months plus

Knitted DK - I need to find a pattern.  My preference is for red bordered one. raglan sleeve for the cardigan

Black back top and trousers

The hat will be a simple tube with a white triangle in the ribbing.  The corners sewn together to make the ears and a crochet edging to  make bigger .

I have something I can draw the jumper and dungarees pattern on.

I prefere to knit in the round, however, that is not possible here apart from the legs and arms

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

4 in 1 European Chainmaille

After year of trying it all fell into place I can now do the traditional chain-mail.

The picture above uses m5 washers 10mm in diameter the other rings are 10mm jump rings about 1mm diameter thickness of wire.  I expect you could replace some of the washers with scales. Spray pain the washers

3cm wide x 18 cm long

70 m5 washers
100 10mm jump rings

I am thinking here make some scales out of cold porcelain 12mm rings, could use smaller jump rings to reinforce the holes say 6mm

I love this one too

3cm wide
main part 20cm long

27 8mm jump rings by 7 rows about 200 rings
(32,000 per square meter - 320 per 10 x 10cm :
10cm by 6cm purse 400 rings)

I love the lightness of this so I am thinking purses and larger sheets of "fabric" made with black an some silver rings

I first looked at 6 in 1 chainmail from Instructables before it clicked

Heres how I did it
start with one jump ring with 4 closed rings (washers) on 2 closed at the top and 2 at the botom
put two closed rings on a jump ring thread through the top and bottom closed rings
-  continue untill the length is reached rows 1,2 and 3

next row
put 2 closed rings on a jump rings thread through 1st 2 rings of last row
put 1 closed ring on a jump ring put thread through the last ring of row 5 and number 2 and 3 of row 3

Please note that the washers lie in a different direction to the jump rings.

There are plenty of other tutorials and videos on line 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Glue and Needles

When I was young natural products were the thing, however, synthetic products have their place too

Whilst working with c-lon and experimenting with macramé I used superglue to  stiffen the ends of thread making it easier to thread seed beads on.  I prefer it for sealing ends of paracord and beading cord also.  Not wanting to set fire to myself.

I have also made beading needles with very thin beading wire folded in half and twisted and snipped off at the end

Cold procelaine is a mixture of cornflour and wood/school glue (pva) which makes a very nice material when varnished

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Friendship Bracelet with nano cord


5 or 6 beads
3m Nano Paracord
very find wire
wire cutters

take the 3m of nano cord fold into 2 at bend add a 5 to 8 cm of fine wire bend wire into two and twist

mark 27cm from bend in cord

thread beads on cord

create a slip knot at mark to create a loop

7 cm of cobra knots (

thread one bead

3 more cobra knots

thread another bead

repeat for rest of beads

7 more cm corbra knots

braid to loose ends with centre section pass loose end through loop at end a button or 6th bead could be added here

knot and cut off loose ends