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Sunday, May 29, 2016



{Number of stickes = n}

#1 if you can get the number of stitches to be a multiple of 12 that's great 72/60/48, multiple of 6 (e.g. 42) is the 2nd best option 3 the 3rd e.g 21 (12 is divisible by 6 and 3)

#2 the number of rows that make are the same height as 15 stitches about {4/3(approx) x n/4}

#3 for 21 stitches on bottom half {n/2}
8 - 5 – 8.
even - remainder – even
1/3 rounded up to even number

no of stitches round up to even number
no of stitches - 2 of above
no of stitches round up to even number

{n/6 rounded up
n/2-2(n/6 rounded up)

#4 Wiki has a foot length guide it may help for making socks for other peole

if you decrease 4 st every alt round that is number of stitches/4 rounds 16 round is about 4cm {n/4 rows}

Another sock knitting site

PDF of this document


 I like knitting socks, I rarely ware socks I haven't knitted, Well the kids don't pinch them.

My favourite pattern is, well the one I do from memory
Sock wool
4 15cm 2.5mm needles

Daft rule Never break the thread
Cast on 60 (#1 ankle less 10%)
20 rows rib (5cm)
Continue for 15/20cm (any more than this and you have to allow extra for calf)
On 2 needles knit heel flap #2
knit 30 turn {n/2}
p30 turn
stocking stitch for 20/22 rows

Turn heel – finish end of knit 20 stitches
  • Knit 20 turn (#2 knit 2/3 turn perl 1/3 turn. Round up to even number of stitches left before turning)
  • Sl1 perl 9 turn
  • Slip 1 K8 k2tog across gap knit 1 turn
  • Sl1 perl to one before end p2 tog across gap p1
  • Continue thus until all stitches are used up

    Cast off by putting 15 stitches on two needles and casting off together, other methods may be used
  • Pick up 15/16 up side
  • Knit next 30 stitches onto one needle
  • Pick up 15/16 down side and half stitches on heel needle
  • Knit half stitches and side stitches on next needle
  • Knit 15 on next needle and 15 on next
  • Knit down side
  • Next and every alt dec row until you have 15 stitches on side needles
  • Side knit to last 3 k2tog k1
  • Knit next 2 needles across top
  • K1 k2tog knit to end
  • Knit this round and every alternative round
  • When you have 60 in round knit until you have 16cm #3
  • Dec 4 st every alternative round until you have 30st in round

Bishop Auckland Baby socks
Sock wool (20g)
2.5 mm needles

Cast on 36
Rib 12 rows
Change colour 12 rows
Heel flap 8 rows
K12 turn
Sl1 p3 turn
Sl 1 k2 k2tog k1 turn
Continue until all stitches are used up (12 stitches)
Break thread change colour knit up 9 across 18 on and down 9 + 6 from heel
Form centre of sole 15, 9, 9,15
Dec 1st before and after top every alternate row
14, 9, 9, 14
Knit every alternative row
13, 9, 9, 13
Change colour every 12 rows
…. 9,9,9,9
Continue until sole measure 8cm
Decrease each side of foot every alternate row until 4 stitches on each needle
K6 k2tog k1, k1 k2tog k6, k6 k2tog k1, k1 k2tog k6
K5 k2tog k1, k1 k2tog k5, k5 k2tog k1, k1 k2tog k5

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