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Monday, June 13, 2016

Mr and Mrs I cord

These are about 8cm tall and are made with 4 ply wool

Lucet fork
4 ply wool
4 prong knitting dolly
4 2.5 double pointed knitting needs
tapestry or darning needle
optional  - sleeping cat

Make about 140 cm of lucet cord with 2 strands of 4 ply - alternatively use same length of cord or paracord or just plain icord knitted to correct lengths
head and legs 25cm
body and arms 35cm

Lucet cord is icord knitted with 2 stitches on a lucet fork

Head and Legs
Make a lanyard knot or simple turks head knot without the loop and making sure the ends are even length knot
use your prefered knot if you wish

Body and Arms
with the head at the bottom do a cobra knot with about 5 strand accross. Place botton about 3-5 mm before head.  Whats left over is the arms.

with a 4 prong knitting dolly knit length for just over double the length of the legs.
fold in half thread cord though tube

with 4 ply cast on 11 or twelve stitches knit 5/6 rows cast off sew seem.
Alternatively knit a 10st tube

finish ends to correct length, you could knot the hands and feet here

to finish lucet cord unpick by pulling the centre thread between the two loop until thread long enough to pull through 2 loops sew end in.


Celtic button knot
cobra knot paracord suvial braclett

When looking up knots and thing on the internet look up paracord


forget the cobra knot and just knit the clothes, icord or dolly cord for the sleeves 
Could start off with a scooby square knot for head to provide head legs and arms
I am thinking of a footballer type thing with shorts ect and therefor looking into different colours

Inspiration Paracord Buddies

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