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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sock Variation slippers with soles

made with super chunky and 8mm dpns and a 8mm crochet hook. for size 5 foot
based on

200g+ super chunky yarn
5 8mm dpns
8mm crochet hook
darning needle

for each slipper
Cast on 10 stst for 7cm
turn heel k6 tutn
sl1p1 turn
sl1 k1 k2tog k1
sl1 p2 p2tog p1 turn
continue until all stitches used up end end of k row
pick up 7 along side cast on 10 pick up 7 down side
k 1 round
dec 1st top s of picked up stitches every alt row untill 5 stitches on each needle
stst uptil work measures 15 cm from picked up stitches
dec 1 stitch top and bottom of sides alt every alt row until there are 2 stitches each needle
k2 to each needle pass thread though 4 stiches finish off

english dc round top of slipper

cast on 3
increase each end of knit row until there are 8 stiches
continue until work measures 21/22cm
dec each end each alt row until there are 2 stitches.
english dc around edge
sew onto slipper

make 4 soles bond 2 together together to make sandles
use soles to line boots

knit sock pattern with 2mm needles and crochet hook and crochet cotton use for decoration

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