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Thursday, November 10, 2016

I-Cord nearly felted Sock/slippers

These short sock are knitted on 2.5 mm needles with dk yarn making them feel like felt.
They could be used as short sock, over socks or slippers

1 100g ball dk yarn
contrasting yarn 50cm
crochet hook 3mm or bigger
2 5mm dpns
set of 5 2.5 mm dpns

6 chain with contrasting yarn DO NOT  finish off
pick up 4 stitches with 3mm dpns
knit 1 row
slip stitches to end
repeat until 66 rows
pass thread through last stitches

     There are other ways to add an i-cord edging once the edge is in place either by picking up all the stitches and taking off one at a time or picking a stitch up on the return row

Heel Flap
Pick up 1 stitch per row starting from 2nd row 32 stitches
stst until 30 rows have been completed

k22 turn
p12 turn
sl 1 k10 k2tog k1
sl 1 p11 p2tog p1
sl 1 k12 k2tog k1
sl 1 p13 p2tog p1
sl 1 k14 k2tog k1
sl 1 p15 p2tog p1
sl 1 k16 k2tog k1
sl 1 p17 p2tog p1
sl 1 k18k2tog k1
sl 1 p19 p2tog p1

k20 up side of heel flap
pick up 32 stitches from icord
k20 down heel flap

k1 round
from centre of heel
k28 k2 tog k1
k32 from top
k1 k2 tog k 28
k1 round
repeat dec 1 stitch at side of heel every other row until 16 stitches on all 4 needles
continue until work measures 16cm (UK size 6 to 7) from where stitches where picked up

from right top of sock
dec each end of top and sole of sock until 32 stitches remain every alt row
put stitches on 2 needles (3 needle bind off)
either turn inside out and cast off taking 1 stitch from each needle
or use Kitchner stitch

unpick crochet join ends of icord
sew in ends cut off

thread cord or elastic through icord edging
Make more i-cord make flower

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