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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Tolder Cat Suite - Pattern

Worked in the round or on circula needle where possible

Legs x 2
1.    Cast on 44 with 4mm needles
Continue in smaller needles
2 x 2 rib 12 rows
inc in every perl section

k2 p3 rib ( 14 rows from start)

2.    Change to 4mm needles
inc every 4 stitch every alt row
until 88 stitches

Continue until work measures 22cm

3 more cm, 9 rows, backwards and forwards to form a 3cm split

White Belly
From 31 black 18 white 31 back
1 less black every 3 rows until 12 stitches black
4 rows
1 more black every 6 rows
1 less black every other row until reaches edge
continue in white

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